Patient Education

Below is a selection of videos illustrating some common dental procedures performed in our office. You can also see these videos playing in our lobby.

Cracked Teeth
Missing Teeth
Healthy Gums
Understanding TMD
Oral Hygiene
Understanding Tooth Wear
Composite Versus Amalgam Filling
Single Implant (Anterior- Healing Cap)
Single Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)
Scaling and Root Planing
Filling Versus Crown (CAD/CAM)
Causes of Tooth Pain
Plaque and Calculus
Consequences of Bone Loss
Bruxism (Clenching and Grinding)
Dental Erosion
Non-Carious Cervical Lesions
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Gingival Probing and Pocket Depth
Fluoride Treatments
Anterior Bite Plane
Screw-Retained Implant (Posterior-Healing Cap)
Occlusal Appliance for Tooth Wear
Composite Filling (Anterior)
Whitening with Bleaching Tray
Bridge Versus an Implant
Progression of Decay

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