Delta Dental Patient Q & A

Starting February 7th, 2019, we will no longer be a preferred provider for Delta Dental. Please see below for more information.


Can I still come to Dr. Sofya Kats as my dentist?

Yes! You can still come to our office.

What will be my out of pocket expense?

Often, going to a contracted vs non-contracted office makes little to no difference in your out of pocket expense. We have many patients with other non-contracted plans that have excellent benefits at our office.

Will you process my claims?

We will continue to submit and process your claims, just as we always have. There is no additional paperwork for you to complete.

Who receives the check?

Delta Dental will likely send the reimbursement checks directly to you, even though you have requested assignment of benefits to our office. In most cases, if requested by you, the checks can simply be sent to us by Delta Dental or you can send us the check once you receive it. Please call or email our office with any questions regarding this. As always, we will collect the expected patient portion at the time of service.


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