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Our individualized patient-centered approach provides a comfortable and pleasant experience.

We are able to constantly exceed patient expectations through advanced restorative and esthetic services. This is the main reason our existing patients recommend us to friends and family. Each member of our team takes pride in offering exceptional care.

Dental Services

Child and Adult Growth, Development, and Airway Guidance
We work together with patent and parent to produce a comprehensive assessment of symptoms and concerns. We will help guide appropriate care with specialists.
Whitening/Bleaching Therapies
You can choose from in-office whitening or at-home whitening or a combination of both for best results. Patients are able to have a significant reduction in yellow and brown tooth color. A Dental Exam and Cleaning are required prior to Whitening Services.
Composite Bonding
Affordable options for tremendous esthetic changes to tooth shape and color. Can be used to transition to a more permanent veneer or crown.
White Spot Removal
Using a non-invasive technique, Dr. Kats is able to remove or significantly lessen the appearance of White Spots on teeth.
Comprehensive Diagnostic Services
Thorough evaluation of esthetic and functional concerns, allows for long term oral health planning.
Protective and esthetic restoration.
A conservative protective custom designed restoration meant to replace anatomy of teeth and protect from additional fracture or wear.
Bone Preservation
At times, after a tooth is removed an additional procedure can be done to allow for bone structure preservation to allow for more predictable implant or fixed bridge/removable appliance fabrication.
Esthetic Enhancement
Using state-of-the-art technology and working closely with your desires and vision, Dr. Kats creates amazing transformations that can improve your self confidence.
Fixed Bridges
Can be used to replace missing teeth as an alternative to Implant or Removable appliance.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Some patients require a completed restorative rehabilitation. Dr. Kats is fully trained in designing, planning and completing full restorative rehabilitation.
Implant Prostheses
Versatile restorative option. Can replace single teeth, multiple teeth or entire arches of missing teeth.
Laser Dentistry
Treats Painful Cold Sores, Mouth Ulcers in SECONDS. Aids in removal of excess gum tissue with limited anesthetic. Disinfects deep periodontal pockets in conjunction with periodontal therapy. Used during some restorative procedures to produce more predicable results!
Periodontal Assessment and Disease Control
When periodontal health is less than great. We can recommend therapies that aid to return your mouth back to health. We will assist in home care recommendations.
Porcelain Veneers
A minimally invasive treatment to completely change your SMILE.
Protective Guards
Oral Occlusal Guards are unique to each individual and can be designed to help muscle and joint soreness as well as aid in habit correction.
Healthy Start Kids
An early preventive orthodontic removable appliance therapy.

Additional Patient Education

Cracked Teeth
Missing Teeth
Healthy Gums
Understanding TMD
Oral Hygiene
Understanding Tooth Wear
Composite Versus Amalgam Filling
Single Implant (Anterior- Healing Cap)
Single Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)
Scaling and Root Planing
Filling Versus Crown (CAD/CAM)
Causes of Tooth Pain
Plaque and Calculus
Consequences of Bone Loss
Bruxism (Clenching and Grinding)
Dental Erosion
Non-Carious Cervical Lesions
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Gingival Probing and Pocket Depth
Fluoride Treatments
Anterior Bite Plane
Screw-Retained Implant (Posterior-Healing Cap)
Occlusal Appliance for Tooth Wear
Composite Filling (Anterior)
Whitening with Bleaching Tray
Bridge Versus an Implant
Progression of Decay

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